river sound fest
river sound fest
Step into the mystical woodlands of Kernave and immerse yourself in the enchanting vibes of the River Sound festival. Back for the 3rd occasion, here, amidst the whispers of local myths & legends, we convene to dance to the rhythm of life & music.
This season, River Sound will be garnished with the finest of audio-visual experiences, focusing on deep aural satisfaction and peerless optical joy. True to tradition, we prioritize guest comfort with attention to all the details, creating snug environments that enhance immersion and living.
*Two mesmerizing music stages, each offering its own setting for one’s dancing & listening pleasure.

*Multiple hydration stations, affectionately known as “bars”, for all thirst-quenching needs.

*Indulging delights from an array of mouthwatering food vendors, for all nutritional requirements.

*An ample, yet cozy, campsite for one’s rest & relaxation.
*A variety of outdoor activities!

*Bewitching art installations!

*Workshops & seminars!

*Enthralling vendors of the esoteric kind!
Most importantly – River Sound will entwine a heartwarming community of music lovers!


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