A throughly check will be done at the entrance of the festival for each person attending.


  •  The access of persons under 18 years;
  •  Trafficking or marketing drugs or psychotropic substances in the category of medicines, regardless of their origin. The consumption and trafficking of high-risk and high-risk drugs represent crimes and are incriminated by the Romanian legislation through art.2 and art. 4 of Law 143/2000 on combating trafficking and illicit drug use.
  •  Bringing objects that can be considered weapons and can harm the physical integrity (knives, saws, glass objects, chains, firearms, explosives, fireworks, paralyzing spray, the enumeration is not limiting any object found and considered to be from this category will force the owner to leave the festival area)
  •  Aggressions of any kind on the other participants at the festival;
  •  The introduction of any liquid or food within the festival.
  •  Entering the festival perimeter with backpacks or large bags, you can have a money belt or small bags.
  •  Destruction of any materials or construction of any kind in the festival area.
  •  Any commercial or advertising activity without the written consent of the Organizer
  •  Any distribution to the public, free or onerous filmed or photographed materials is prohibited.

In case of violation of the present Regulation, the Organiser has the right to prohibit the access of a participant in the venue of the total or partial festival, or to invite the participant to leave the festival premises.

By purchasing a ticket, the Participant acknowledges and undertakes to comply with these Regulations. Make sure you read and understand the Sunwaves Festival Terms and conditions.

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