River Sound Festival is located 35 kilometres to the North-West from Vilnius on the bank of the Neris river. Next to the festival area sight you will find a forest with a few easy-to-find walking trails, which has been included in UNESCO heritage list. This territory is part of Karnave – an old Lithuanian settlement which used to be the capital a few centuries ago but now became a well-acclaimed cultural spot of the country.
river sound fest

Valiukiškių k. 7 Valiukiškiai, 19170, Lituania

You have different options to get to the festival:
The price of a taxi from Vilnius is approximately 35-40 euros.
If you prefer to come by public transport, there are several daily buses that leave from Vilnius bus station. Once you arrive in Kernave you will have to walk about 30 minutes from the bus stop to the festival area. Here the link with the bus schedules.
The closest airport is Vilnius Airport. The distance from the airport to the festival is about 35 minutes by taxi. We recommend using applications like Bolt or Uber to order a taxi, if you take one of the taxis at the airport it will be much more expensive.
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